Optical company “Roniko” was founded in 1995 and has been a leader at the local optical market for more than 25 years! During this time the company has gained trust of the customers. The business has been growing steadily since 1995.


The widest network with 22 optical stores; The largest selection of products; Modern ophthalmological equipment and a high level of professional services – this is the hallmark of “Roniko”. The company considers as its most important mission to offer consumers the innovations and achievements of the optical industry, which helps them to improve their eyesight, to select suitable optical frames and sunglasses. The slogan of the company is: “With Roniko You see better and look wonderful!”


Roniko’s first optical store opened in 1996 on 107 Agmashenebeli Avenue. This store still operates at this address. We currently own 22 stores.

During Roniko’s 25 years of operating, the main achievement is the trust of the customer, about whom we take care. Our main task is to make Roniko associated with high quality, good service and exquisite taste. We strive to offer customers a diverse and constantly updated collections. This is possible by the fact that “Roniko” is the official distributor of more than 50 brands in Georgia and cooperates with the world’s leading optical companies such as: Luxottica, Marcolin, De-Rigo, Eschenbach and many others …


Among many other factors, the history of Roniko is shaped by the people who work for this company. The success and prestige of the company greatly depend on their professionalism. Every employee who has a relationship with the customer is the face of Roniko. Taking care of the professionalism of the employees is one of the main tasks of the company. Seminars, trainings for ophthalmologists and sales staff are regularly held with the participation of experienced experts and specialists of partner companies. Sales staff are informed about the latest developments in the field of optics, fashion trends and master high-level service skills.


Products and Services:


Branded sunglasses and optical glasses; Power lenses and contact lenses; Sight diagnostics

– all this is tailored to the requirements and needs of the interested public.


Roniko’s portfolio is constantly updated with the latest collections of international luxury brands. As a result of partnership with Luxottica Group, De Rigo, Marcolin, Eschenbach and others “Roniko” supplies local market with eyewear of such famous brands as: Ray-Ban, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Persol, George Piralli, Bvlgari, Chopard, Cartier, Ermenegildo Zegna, Versace, Vogue, Oakley, Miu -Miu and others.

The most important achievement of recent years is the widest range of power lenses and contact lenses. Roniko offers Hoya and Essilor power lenses. As for contact lenses, we have products of all three major world leading manufacturers: Cooper Vision, Alcon, Johnson & Johnson.


Everything is in one space at “Roniko”: Sight diagnostics, prescription preparation and selection of the desired frame and power lens. Optical frames of any complexity are made here – taking into consideration the individual parameters of the patient. With such a service the customer saves time, energy and costs. The highest quality products and customer satisfaction is the signature of “Roniko”.

A team of professionals and a successful business:


Constantly updated, latest and exclusive collections are the most important aspects of Roniko’s success. Collections are selected by company buyers who regularly attend international optical exhibitions. Every year Roniko’s team travels to the SILMO and MIDO exhibitions, as well as to Luxottica exhibitions in various Italian cities. The best collections selected here will be found later in “Roniko” optical stores.


Taking care of the professional growth and development of the staff is one of the priorities of the company. Ongoing trainings, seminars and workshops conducted by representatives of international and local partner companies enhance the qualifications of sales staff, ophthalmologists and optometrists.


With the fruitful work of a team inspired by a common idea, the network is gradually expanding. In addition to the capital, Roniko stores are also presented in two of the most important cities of the country – Batumi branch opened in 2008 and the Kutaisi branch opened in 2014.


The advancement of the company is conditioned by the constant pursuit of innovations and the creation of a pleasant, comfortable environment for the customer. Roniko, a company with high social responsibility, is always in the center of public attention and deserves universal recognition.







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